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Life is happening to each of us; everyday, every second.  We would love to help you capture those fleeting moments with our sweet and simple, heartfelt style of photography.   

 Don’t wait.  Take the picture.  Live in the NOW.

Steve & Andrea Prekob,


Life is “now”.  Capture your life’s moments with honest, heartfelt photography.

Steve and Andrea have a passion for helping you capture your “now”.  They take pride in witnessing those moments and freeze your “now” for years to come.  

Family & Children

“The most important things in life aren’t things”...  We love taking family shots, and our goal is to capture you all at your most natural.  We work WITH your children to ensure the most painless session possible!


Fairies and Princesses and Pirates–Oh, My!  Transform yourself into a mythical or magical character of your choosing.  Large selection of costumes and accessories for you to play with, or bring your own!

Maternity & Baby

Capture the special moment of you in late pregnancy, or cherish the creative ideas we have for you to remember your precious newborn.


Dance, product shots, birthday parties, special events, Elegance…

Perfect for those special occasions and events, or just to make yourself feel special.