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This is where you can view your personal gallery.  Once you log in with the password we provide, you can then view and order prints and products, as well as download the pictures you choose from your session.  You may give the password to anyone you wish, and they may also order prints/products from here as well!  Please note that all orders must be pre-paid in order to be processed.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Why order prints from  a professional printing lab?  

We know lots of you just want to take your downloads and go to Walmart or the local drug store to get prints.  You may end up being disappointed with the results.  Most stores do not “calibrate” their printers properly, and your beautiful pictures may turn out off-colour and just plain “blah”.  If you have paid a professional to take the picture, why not get a professional to print it?  The colours will be vibrant and crisp, the quality is unmatched.  We challenge you to see the difference!  

Don’t leave your memories on a disk or in your computer!  Get them printed.  Hang them up.  ENJOY them everyday.  That moment in time is one to treasure, not forget about deep in your computer’s memory.

Check out our printing costs through our professional printing partner.  You will be glad you did!