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Live in THIS moment. As YOU.

  • We think that sometimes the best picture isn’t the “posed one”, but the moments in-between.
  • Your family is a huge part of who you are.  We try to capture the love and happiness you share together.  

Meet your Photographers:  Steve & Andrea Prekob

Depending on the session,  both Andrea and Steve attend.  This allows two different angles for your shots, and twice as many opportunities to capture those “in-between” moments of magic.

Steve grew up in Montreal and the VanKleek Hill areas.  He has always had a passion for photography, especially wildlife and nature.  He currently works full time for the Ministry of transportation.  

Andrea grew up in Kemptville, and also was always interested in photography but pursued a full time career in teaching dance.  She also owns and operates The Academy of Expressive Dance.

Our process

If you have something particular in mind, please be sure to communicate that to Andrea and Steve before your session.  That helps us unsure you are getting what you are hoping for!

You have decided that you’d like to book a session.  Now what?

First, you need to make an appointment for your session.  Have about 2 or 3 dates in mind so that it is easier to coordinate our schedules with yours.

Next, we ask that you pay a deposit (the cost of the session fee, $75.00) by e-transfer.  If you are purchasing a package, then the full remaining payment is due on (or before)  the day of your session.  

After you have your session, our work begins.  Only the very best photos are chosen to go on to the next step–which is editing.  Each of the chosen pictures are painstakingly examined and edited to bring out colour, fix lighting, and apply any artistic “finishes” to–like sepia, black and white, or something that Andrea feels artistically would bring out the “wow” in the photo.  This process takes hours and hours of work.  Your final shots are then uploaded to your own personal gallery online.  It will take an average of 2 weeks to do all of the editing and upload your gallery.  (Please keep in mind during our busier seasons, it may take up to 3 weeks)

Your pictures will be edited and uploaded to this site in a private gallery.  We will send you a password  in an email.  From there, you can then use your discount code (also emailed to you) to receive your free digital downloads immediately.  You can also order prints, canvases, etc.  Payment must be received for any additional items before it will be sent to our partnering photo lab.

Getting the most out of your session

Do you want that “polished”, “put-together” look, without looking too matchy-matchy?  How should you do your hair?  Can we have our dog in the pictures?

Check out this helpful guide that will help guide you in choosing colour(s) that will help get you that “polished” look, as well as other great session tips and suggestions!